This Kiss.

When you look in my eyes,
it feels like magic.
The tension between us is tangible.
It crackles. Strongly. Unbearable.

My heart is beating faster.
My knees become soft.
My stomach is full of little butterflies,
flying criss-cross inside.

Your face comes closer to mine.
Slowly. But Empathic.
You fixed my eyes.
I can’t describe, what this triggers in me.

I can smell your fragrance.
My heart sets off.
Just for a moment.
An endless moment,
when your lips touch mine.
Softly. But intensive.

One Hand on my hips,
the other grabs my neck.
Your kiss becomes passionate.
You push your body against mine.
No space between us.
Intensive. Impassioned. Emotional.

Our hearts beat in one stroke.
I love your touch on my skin.
I can’t get enough of this kiss.
I can’t get enough of you.

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